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How do I convert text to Outlines in Illustrator?

Last Updated: Oct 16, 2013 01:02PM EDT
If you're creating your art in Illustrator: GREAT!  We love vector art.  It's easy to size to the proper dimensions of your products, and it guarantees a nice, crisp print job.  There's one very important step you need to take before submitting your vector art to us.  To avoid fonts getting substituted and ensuring that everything looks the way you intend it to, you'll need to convert your text to outlines.  It's REALLY easy; just follow these simple steps!

This is what your text looks like before it gets converted:

Step 1:
Highlight all layers

Step 2: Go to "TYPE" in the menu bar, and click "CREATE OUTLINES"

3. Voila!  Your fonts are outlined.  Now just save A NEW VERSION of your file in any of the following formats: .ai, .eps or .pdf and send it on over.  The reason it's important to not save over the original text version is because you can't make any changes to the text once it's been converted to outlines.  This is what it looks like when your text is converted to outlines instead of a font:


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